Bazar Blå

Swedish roots, a unique set of instruments and wide-open interest in other cultures. This groundbreaking trio has done tours, festival performances and musical collaborations in Denmark, Norway, Spain, Iran, England, Belgium, Switzerland, America, Mexico etc. Their original compositions are clearly influenced by swedish traditions and heritage but always with a very modern touch of rhythms and soundscapes. Coming from different musical backgrounds each member brings very individual experiences to the band. This specific blend of personalities, repertoire and fantastic musicianship is what gives their music its unmistakeable character. With percussion, nyckelharpa (a medieval swedish folk instrument) and bass-guitars there are many ways to travel with Bazar Blå. The result is a distinctly new folk-music which the trio calls Transglobal Tripfolk – Music inspired by traditions from all over the world with the ambition to invite you as a listener on a trip through time and space.
Their latest CD is called “Lost”. Previously they have released three studio productions – “Nysch” (2004) was nominated for a Grammy in Sweden and won the Danish Music Awards as best foreign folk-album, “Tripfolk” (2000) and “Nordic City” (1998 – nominated for Grammy), and one live recording – “Live” (2003).

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