Björnlet Hedin

Pelle Björnlert, Johan Hedin mainly plays folk music from southeast Sweden. The duo harbor a special love for the special kind of Swedish dance, “polska”, which was highest fashion in the 1700s and the sound reminiscent of the style we now call baroque. Pelles melody playing on fiddle and violino d´amore, is sensitive accompanied of Johans tenor nyckelharpa, an instrument with a sound like the baroque instrument viola da gamba. The two have an intensive dialogue in the music wich makes it very danceable, lively and varied.


Pelle Björnlert

Pelle Björnlert, from Vråka in the county of Småland, prefer to play music that has its roots in the folk tradition of his home region. In the early 70s, he became inspired by the Småland master fiddler Bengt Löfberg to search for the forgotten old repertoire. 
Pelle has a major focus on the original function of the tunes as dance music, and has for a long time developed his playing in close communication with the dancers. Early he created a name as a personal fiddleplayer with a contagious dance rhythm and has long been an idol for many fiddlers in Sweden.


Johan Hedin

Johan Hedin is one of of the foremost nyckeharpa players in Sweden. As a child he started to learn in a traditional way through senior masters. Later he continued his studies at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. Besides giving his attention to his own tradition Johan often plays in groups where people of different musical backgrounds meet and inspire each other, as for example in the worldmusicgroup Bazar Blå, or in collaboration with the concert organist Gunnar Idenstam. During many years Johan has also been working with the multi-instrumentalist Ale Möller. Johans way of playing has been shaped hand in hand with a strong interest in the development of nyckelharpa instruments. In this duo, he uses his own invention, the tenor nyckelharpa.


Björnlert Hedin also perform together with Erik Pekkari, double row melodeon and zither. The trio gives concerts and plays for dancing.


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