Idenstam Hedin

A large organ with an infinite number of structures, sounds, colours, and moods; a nyckelharpa, this genuinely Swedish folk instrument, an instrument sprung from the earth – an old being in itself.
The music is rooted in Swedish folk music but feels brand new, as it is in the clash between these two innovators the music is created and shaped – it twists and turns along mysterious paths, dresses up in symphonic clothing, invokes sacred moods, swirls about in danceable polskas, and sings its lyrical melodies. To put it shortly, it is an invitation into a fantastic new world. A world where also Bach is invited: some of his dance movements and organ works are also performed in this concert.

”These two exceptional musicians have peeled back the layers to reveal these traditional melodies as something rather wonderful and mysterious. They´ve poured the tunes into their own cauldron and come up with a brand new concoction. I´d like to think of organist Idenstam as a sort of Rick Wakeman meets Bach figure meticulous playing, a fantastic ear for colour and a mischievous spirit of the dance. Johan Hedin plays the nyckelharpa (Swedish keyed fiddle) with passion and invention. The duo are simply made for each other.”

Fiona Talkington, Songlines Magazine, BBC reporter

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