Bazar Blå in Iran!

We are very happy to present our album release at the Iranian company Hermes Records. We celebrate this with a concert in Teheran in September! Please visit their website and see their catalog – impressing. Here you find a lot of beautiful music!


Stockholm Culture Festival

2016 BB Sthlm photo Thomas Faeldt
Bazar Blå live at Skeppsbron Stockholm sept 17. Photo: Thomas Fäldt

New album from Bazar Blå

The album “twenty” is the latest release from Bazar Blå, marking their 20-year anniversary as a trio.
Please read more here:


Live in Trondheim

Hazelius Hedin and Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra



A unique collaboration where Hazelius Hedin play their repertoire in special arrangements for five wind instruments and five strings.

Hazelius Hedin on facebook


Hazelius Hedin have now a page on Facebook, where you can find follow the duo!
The address is

Hazelius Hedin at Korrö Folkmusic Festival, Sweden 2014

Hazelius Hedin in the studio


During spring the duo Hazelius Hedin has spent a few weeks in the “studio” – that actually is a nice cottage that we have chosen. It is found in Johan’s home village Vråka in south-east Sweden. That’s a place where it’s peaceful and quiet and a good acoustic environment for our music. We have arranged new songs and recorded some fine versions. The new album has no name yet It will be released by Cosmos Music Group during the fall.

Björnlert Hedin on DVD

During two days Rita Laydon from Colorado has recorded Pelle Björnlert and I playing many tunes together. This will hopefully be released on a DVD in Rita’s extensive series of Swedish musicians. The earlier productions can be found here:


Hedin at Uppsala Concert House

This fall I will perform three times in Uppsala in Sweden, at the Uppsala Concert Hall.

25/10 Helt solo på Uppsala International Sacred Music Festival.
26/10 Oktoberstämman.
20/11 Konsert med Silfver.